What International Business is Really Like: Our CSO and CHRO Discuss Life at MyQ

MyQ can be found in the modern premises of Harfa Office Park in Prague. From the eighth floor you have a unique view of the industrial part of Prague. My inquisitive questions were answered by Petra Sluková, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Kristián Samler, Chief Sales Officer. How does the company make life easier for clients, what are the extraordinary things they do, and why you should work for them?

- Martina Richterová, BusinessAnimals.cz

Petra Sluková, Chief Human Resources Officer and Kristián Samler, Chief Sales Officer

· They are continuously looking for new team members for their HQ in Prague and seven branches around the world.

· MyQ is a young company that provides customers with multifunctional printing, scanning, and document management solutions.

· The brand has been operating in the market since 2007 and is based in Prague at the Harfa Office Park.

· MyQ currently has seven branches and a network of certified partners in more than 80 countries.

Kristián, you have six foreign branches under you, what does it all involve?

K: This is a relatively complex job which consists of all the steps leading to increasing the company’s business performance. Among those steps, I would probably include the coordination of the business activities of individual branches together with the control of the fulfillment of sales plans and established strategies. I also supervise large international projects and communicate with global and regional partners. The majority of my time is taken up by business trips and business meetings.

“My job allows me to travel a lot. I visited a Safari in Kenya and it was a great experience. “

Kristián, what has been the farthest destination you traveled to for business?

K: I was in Singapore, Kenya, and in a few days I’m visiting several partners in South and Central America. From time to time, we also have a program included with our business meetings, but each business trip is designed to make the most of our time during the trip, and then we have time for some “fun.” Our partners often take us for dinner. In Kenya we even went on safari, which was a great experience. In Singapore, they arranged for us to visit Universal Studios.

“It all began as a college project and from there it became what is now MyQ.”

Who is the main leader of the company?

K: No doubt Martin Januš, the CEO of MyQ. He led the innovation team and programmed the software. He was also the one who came up with the idea of this product. Together with his friends, they tried to figure out what could be improved in the field of printing and scanning.

How can we describe MyQ solution?

K: MyQ is a unique print solution that enables efficient management of entire print systems, as well as individual printers or copiers, regardless of brand. Furthermore, MyQ can secure printing, simplify scanning and document flow, and save valuable time for anyone in a company. Essentially, this is a unique selection of the best features from more than seven different products combined in one compact package.

What are the main benefits?

K: From the beginning, MyQ has excelled in the ease of installation, its management, and control. In addition to a permanent reduction in operating costs for multi-function printers, which is now common, we increase the efficiency and productivity of all employees who need to work with documents. Every smart company can thus increase security, simplify work with one click, and give their employees a personalized offer of the features they need for their daily work. And, furthermore, we are environmentally conscious.

You are a young company offering multifunctional printing solutions. How different are you from the competition in this area?

P: We are aware that people have more important things to do than spending a lot of time at a printer. We are in daily contact with our clients and partners, solving concrete problems for people, always preparing new strategies to make their IT and printer park operations more simple and effective.

K: I would like to stress our flexibility, reliability, and innovation. Since we are a relatively small company, we can respond quickly to the requirements of the entire market and individual customers.

How did MyQ start? The product has existed for over 10 years. During that time the company grew considerably. We have increased our staff tenfold and, at the same time, we have opened seven branches around the world, which has multiplied our turnover several times. However, the family atmosphere has not been lost.

Are you going to expand further?

K: Definitely. The top priority is now the US and Latin America. They are, in my view, the key markets that we must penetrate. We also have a team member from Taiwan who’s in charge of the East Asian and Chinese markets.

You mentioned you have a lot of foreigners in the company. Is English the official language?

P: Yes, the official language for everyone is English. Our team consists of 23 nationalities which creates a unique company culture based on mutual respect and tolerance. However, our management is purely Czech.

Kristián, you are an important Sales Director in the company. How did you get that position?

K: I have been in this area for three years now, since university. After graduation, I worked for MyQ as a Sales Representative for about half a year where I was in charge of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and even Scandinavia. It’s been very interesting since the beginning. About half a year later, I was given the opportunity to take up the position of International Sales Manager. Currently, as CSO, I’m leading all sales activities, including the Inside Sales Team at HQ, and six branches around the world.

How are the new employees in the Sales Team trained?

P: Every new employee gets detailed product training and a few training courses focused on business techniques and product placement on the market. Our product training isn’t very complicated since there’s only one product. On the other hand, it is a technological area that can be more difficult for someone to understand, so some enthusiasm in this industry helps.

How do you initially support a Sales Representative financially?

K: Financial compensation is interesting in our company. Sales Representatives can rely on a higher than average fixed monthly income and a flexible commission on sales.

P: I want to add that the fixed amount remains after the probationary period. That’s how they can increase the amount and make good money.

How many Sales Representatives work at MyQ?

K: Currently, we have seven branches with one to two Sales Representatives at each branch. Then we have our Inside Sales Team who manages regions without local representation. It consists of four Sales Representatives and their manager.

What are your working hours? Are they fixed or flexible? I can’t say they are totally flexible, but they vary, yes. We meet here between 7 and 9 am. We do not count every minute. Everyone is expected to have some self-discipline. We do not count how many hours a Sales Representative spends here, just that they have positive results. If they need more work from home in the future, it’s okay. The end results are what matter to us.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

P: Perhaps the opportunity for my own self-realization. I can apply my own thoughts and ideas. And well, it is expected from me. It is always good to see that you can contribute to the company. I really enjoy being close to people; I’m not locked up like HR in a corporation. I’m in my own HR world. I can invest my time to our people and that makes sense to me.

K: I especially appreciate the fact that the work I’m doing is visible. I like the time flexibility, constantly meeting new people, and drawing on new experiences. A great bonus is also traveling. As part of the business trips, I have visited many interesting places.

Where did you last go for teambuilding? Do you also travel abroad?

P: Last time, the management teambuilding took place in Alpbach, Austria and it was designed for our branches and Sales Team. It always depends on the place to be properly available to all colleagues from our branches and to allow us to unite our thoughts, strengthen our body, and mind.

“We spend a lot of time at work, so we have made a nice place here. We have fresh fruits and excellent coffee every day. “

What are the benefits you offer to employees? Our employees have fresh fruit, coffee every day, and breakfast twice a week. It’s a great opportunity to meet colleagues, especially in the beginning. Otherwise, we have digital meal vouchers and various sports or social activities such as hockey, jogging, footvolley, language courses, relaxation zone, masseur etc. We also offer a Multisport Card subsidized by the company for individual athletes.

Which obstacles do you most encounter at work?

K: I first saw the main obstacle in the product itself. I did not have much IT knowledge and it was more difficult to understand all the connections. But gradually I learned it.

What do you do in your free time, how do you relax?

P: I like to recharge energy while moving my body. I do fitness activities and jogging. On the other hand, I also like to cook, bake, and relax by reading books.

K: I mostly do sports. I used to play football a lot. I enjoy skiing, running, squash, and I love traveling, which I have more than enough of. At the same time, I’m a fan of active vacations and those always help to clear my mind.

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