The MyQ X Update:
Armful of Convenience

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4 min readJan 31, 2023


The new 10.1 upgrade cuts the document confusion with its terminal print preview, adds more Easy functions and enables a Microsoft single sign-on experience. And that’s the start…

You can preview before you print

Tired of sorting out document names at the printer? The new print preview function lets you see a print preview of your selected document right at the embedded terminal. All you need to do is click on the eye-shaped icon. This feature is implemented in parallel on the MyQ X server and embedded terminal, in addition it is also available on the MyQ X Mobile Client.

Check your file easily on the printer panel.

Preview your queued docs from the phone.

Let’s make it Easy at the printer terminal

Make it Easy for yourself at the embedded terminal with the expanded print and scan functionalities. For Easy Print, you can make this a new action at the terminal and select between multiple storage via a single action. You can also print from your local, network, and cloud storages, browse folders, and select files directly at the terminal.

Easy Scan features are similar. You can enable icons with a single destination for folder browsing. It’s even possible to make this a new action at the terminal once you select single or multiple destinations for saving newly scanned files at the terminal.

Get integrated and signed in with Azure

It’s a triple bonus with MyQ now enabling Azure Active directory integration and sign in with Microsoft via Microsoft’s Graph API. This reduces costs, enhances security, and is simply more convenient for you.

Previously, admins imported details on end users from Azure Active Directory via a Secure LDAP connection — a complex process that also required the use of additional Azure services. Thanks to this new addition, you are now able to use sign in with Microsoft with MyQ X. And, for added security, user identity management can be done directly by Azure Active directory in the cloud. It’s definitely easier for the end user and helps make security more convenient all around.

Admins get more actionable and environmental reports

The new 10.1 did not forget about admins. The new web UI and dashboard has a new two-column layout option and two new widgets on the dashboard make it simpler and faster to see total pages printed (in the last 30 days) and the environmental impact. In addition, MyQ X now forecasts toner replacement needs as it monitors toner levels, providing this information as a new report in alerts & maintenance.

Environmental reports, print jobs overview… the updated MyQ X admin dashboard has it all.

Has the time come to replace a toner? MyQ X lets you know in advance.

Other updates worth mentioning

Enhanced Encryption — Of unreleased jobs stored at the print server, broadening their protection to the entire printing process.

Upgraded MyQ Desktop Client — The Desktop Client has been fully-featured for macOS devices and it performance was optimized also for Windows devices.

Smoother Server Communication — The communication between the Central and Site Server is faster and no longer requires a VPN making it easier to reach remote locations.

Red Theme — Fresh theme for the admin UI in MyQ’s brand red and grey colors that accompanies the existing blue, dark and high contrast ones.

File Editing — Option to edit filenames of scanned documents directly on the terminal to save user’s time.

Printing of Grey — Option to print grayscale with black toner added to the queue’s settings to ease up toner-saving.

Project Management — Improved Project assignment and accounting especially in removing and disabling of projects.

Central Server — Improved certificate management for Central Server, option to use custom security certificates same as in the Print Server.

For a complete look at the changes in MyQ X 10.1, including additional security information, go to Release notes.

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