Saving Your Time is Our Priority

A quick summary of the MyQ and RF IDeas June 2018 Webinar

At MyQ, saving you time is one of our top priorities.

Between emails and meetings at work, to your daily commute and a sink full of dirty dishes when you get home, there isn’t enough time to keep up with everything that you’d like to know.

Here, we want to save you time by giving you some highlights of a recent webinar, in which host RFIDeas featured MyQ. If you’re still unclear about what it is we do at MyQ, then close your email, put down that soapy sponge, and enjoy this brief recap of the presentation from Kristian Samler, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at MyQ.


MyQ Solution is a workflow optimization suite that secures sensitive documents, simplifies print network administration, and enables significant reductions in operating and maintenance costs.

As a server-based application, MyQ Solution is a natural complement to the technical capabilities in multi-functional devices (MFDs), empowering clients to have a document flow experience that is more secure, takes less time and money, and is more user friendly.

MyQ’s History

MyQ was established in 2014, but the product itself has been in production since 2007.

MyQ is headquartered in Prague, CZ and we have branches and sales teams in Austria, Dubai, France, Germany, Russia the UK, and USA.

Our team consists of more than 80 enthusiastic people, but thanks to you, our partners, the MyQ community is far more extensive.


MyQ supports more than 4,000 devices from over 25 world-renown manufactures. Our advanced embedded terminals are offered for most of these devices to unify the user interface (UI) and increase the user’s efficiency and comfort. Combined with our External Terminals, MyQ offers solutions for nearly every MFD on the market.

2018 HP Award

MyQ received the 2018 Leading the Charge award for Technology and Innovation at the recent HP Partner Impact event in Boise, ID, USA.

The award was presented in recognition of MyQ’s technological contributions to HP.

Why Customers Choose Us

MyQ Solution is extremely easy to install, maintain, and its wide functionality makes your customers’ printing environment more unique, simple, and personalized.

We help our end users to generate more business by increasing their employee’s work efficiency and streamlining their MFDs.

Finally, we focus on giving you, our partners, the best product possible by challenging ourselves and innovating our product to suit the needs of all our clients.

If you enjoyed this summary and you have the time, here’s the webinar in it’s entirety.

Award-winning print management software featuring personalization, air-tight security and outstanding document workflows.

Award-winning print management software featuring personalization, air-tight security and outstanding document workflows.