Relax with Pull Printing (A Story)

After weeks of coming in early and staying late, Alice had finally finished the new top client portfolios.

Alice checked the information one last time before she sent the confidential, multi-page portfolios to the printer. She had begged her boss for this project, so she wanted to make sure everything was perfect — and it was.

“Control-p”off to the printer it went.

Alice took a deep breath, exhaled, and listened to her chair wheel backwards as she emphatically stood up in triumph. “This calls for a celebration,” she thought to herself.

Alice strode confidently to the kitchen to reward herself with something sweet. Her colleague Bob was there enjoying a cup of coffee.

“You look happy, Alice,” said Bob. “Did you finally finish your big project?”

“Yes,” said Alice, beaming. “I just printed it!”

“Where is it then?”

“It’s at the…”

Before Alice could finish, she realized what’d happened. She had hit “print” and the documents would be sitting out for anyone to look at, or even take.

She raced down the hall, turned the corner, and saw the printer standing guard in the hallway. Nobody else was near it, so everything was going to be fine.

It wasn’t.

The portfolios were gone. She desperately searched the area around the printer. Nothing. She then remembered the recycle bin next to the printer. She knelt down and dumped its contents to the floor like a kid after a night of Halloween trick-or-treating; they weren’t there either.

The way back to her desk felt like a walk on death row. Once her boss found out, he’d probably fire her. She decided to email him and come clean.

She’d been so busy lately, she couldn’t remember the last time she looked at her inbox. As her eyes danced around the screen, she noticed several new emails, one titled New Print Policy; she opened it.

Dear, Alice.

We’ve recently changed the printing system. Starting immediately all multifunctional devices will implement pull-print to save costs and increase security.

With pull-print security, you just need to authenticate yourself with an ID card or your PIN at the MFD to print your documents. All sent documents will stay secure in the system until you have authenticated yourself and then are able to click “Print” at the embedded terminal.


Frank from IT

“This was sent yesterday,” she said to herself. “My document is still waiting for me!”

People make mistakes every day. To alleviate this, MyQ Solution and it’s pull-print option reduces costs, increases efficiency, and most importantly, increases security. Print any time, but take your time picking it up.

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