MyQ X makes it a perfect 10 with major upgrade

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3 min readApr 29, 2022

The upgrade brings new UI improvements and mobile printer access for remote workers.

The new MyQ X is out, providing users with extensive UI changes, enhanced print mobility options for today’s mobile workforce, and an array of other enhancements.

“This kicks off our 10 series of upgrades to the whole MyQ X solution. The changes are so extensive, we have jumped ahead from the previous — and quite successful version — 8.2. The primary goal guiding this update was to make it easier to use the MyQ X solution — regardless of whether you are the system administrator, an end user at the embedded terminal, or a worker on the go,” said Radek Tetík, CTO of MyQ.

Just look at those curves in the UI

The newly upgraded UI enhances the user experience for all users. From the admin perspective, the new UI provides a wide range of new display options as most elements have been redesigned for a new look and feel. A number of visual features have been simplified or removed to improve navigation through the interface. In addition, corners have been rounded and many elements have been enlarged to make them easier to click on. The new look of the multi-selection, configurable data grades, and context menus extends to the web UI as well as the desktop version.

You can make it dark, you can make it blue

Admins have more choices in how MyQ looks — both for the desktop admin display and for the Embedded Terminals at the MFPs. They can choose between the new dark mode, the traditional white background, and other skins for their working display. There are also five unique default themes now available for MFP terminals. They match the UI redesign, and their simplistic approach should make it even easier for the users to process their tasks at the panel.

Cross platform compatibility of Job Properties

Due to differences in how each vendor implements print commands in drivers and devices, administrators of multi-vendor print solutions often struggle to find the right print driver which is compatible with all devices connected to the solution and supports advanced job properties (like stapling or punching) at the same time. Usually if an administrator uses the print driver of vendor 1, sets the required job properties, and prints the job on a device of vendor 2, commands are not understood by the device, and most job properties are not applied. MyQ X comes with revolutionary cross-vendor compatibility of job properties which means that the MyQ server internally “translates” the commands coming from the driver to commands compatible with the device where the job is to be printed. On top of that, these job properties can be easily changed on the MyQ Terminal. The first supported vendors are Kyocera and HP, other vendors will be added soon.

New remote printing options with the MyQ X Mobile Client

MyQ X puts the hybrid workforce back in the printer queue — even when they are outside of the local network. The updated MyQ X Mobile Client enables mobile printing for people outside of the office network via Microsoft Azure AD Application Proxy. “Operationally, all you will need is a basic internet connection and a Microsoft Azure account with Application Proxy enabled to send files to the work printing queue, even if you are not connected to your local network,” said CBDO Michal Grepl. “Strategically, we see this as part of the global shift to seamless document access and digitalization.”

I want the MyQ X level-up



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