MyQ X Desktop Client — The new game-changing application for users’ computers

Together with the release of the new MyQ X LTS version 8.2, MyQ has also developed a completely new user computer application — the MyQ X Desktop Client.

Those of you who have been working with MyQ X for some time now know that it already offers two user station clients; Smart Job Manager and Smart Print Services. So, what does the recent Desktop Client bring to the table?

The perks of the new Job Parser

One of the most important components that was added to this Client is the Job Parser. It’s an application that analyses every single job and provides information about paper format, color, or number of pages. This might not sound as such a breakthrough, but it’s worth explaining how it affects the main features of the brand-new application, because you’ll see the benefits it brings.

Client Spooling in remote locations

The first MyQ X function that makes use of this component is Client Spooling. It has been designed to allow users to print while not actually sending the print job to a print server, making Client Spooling an ideal solution for distant site locations or installations in the private cloud environment. In these cases, it is usually crucial to limit the amount of data sent between the local network and the server. Before MDC, this handy solution had one unfortunate flaw — it couldn’t enforce print policies. Job parsing was available only on the side of the server, so jobs that were processed only locally (as is the case for Client Spooling) were not analyzed. The metadata file only contained basic information.

Fallback Print for server mishaps

You can observe an even bigger impact the new parser has when using MyQ X’s Fallback Print options. This function automatically forwards your print jobs to pre-defined devices when the print server is not available. Despite being a great solution for environments with slow or unstable network, it had one weak point: all jobs printed this way were not properly accounted for. And how does the integrated parser help with this?

Enforcing print rules in offline mode

Now back to policies. As mentioned above, MyQ system admins can retrieve details about print jobs and enforce print rules, even when there are connection problems. The Client observes user restrictions automatically in the online mode, but it also synchronizes its memory with the status of print rules on the server.

  • stop jobs if the user is not allowed to release them, or
  • block all jobs sent in the offline mode.

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