MyQ Security: Protection Beyond Printing

When you hear the phrase “security at the work place,” what comes to mind? A large security guard manning the entrance? Security cameras? Or maybe something simpler, like ID badges?

What about a printer? That word just screams security, right?

When it comes to multifunctional peripherals (MFPs) security is actually a huge issue. MFPs are those large devices that perform a variety of tasks such as printing, scanning, and copying. Most people just call them “printers” or “copiers,” but whatever you call them, they can be a major security risk for companies.

Workflow security should be a major concern for companies and individuals, regardless of whether documents are in physical or digital form. Misused or leaked data can result in substantial consequences for the individual employee, the organization’s financial performance, and its competitive position in the marketplace. And how exactly does one manage their workflow security? That’s where MyQ comes in.

MyQ’s range of features vastly improves the security and privacy of users and the company. These features start with secure printing at the MFP, customization of the user session, and post-printed documents.

Your MFP is ground zero

Just as an MFP is a central component of daily use for employees, it is also a central component for a company’s security. MFPs are always connected to company servers, which makes them vulnerable to cyberattacks when not properly secured. When done correctly, print management software enhances the ability to manage the capabilities of an MFP by improving workflow security from workstations to the documents, in or out of the office, all in a cost-effective way.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” security setting for an MFP. Every organization has its own security needs and policies. However, in this struggle to establish personalized security, most organizations will have the following primary user groups and perspectives in common:

· End users/country legislation

· Administration needs to secure the print environment

· Company wanting to control the print environment to prevent its misuse

Meeting the needs of the system administrator, the company, and legislation is a balancing act which has both technical and legal ramifications. While these parties have a general agreement over primary security goals, each one has its own expectations.

With MyQ, the choice is yours

At MyQ, we’ve developed a printing solution that incorporates best-in-class tools which give you the flexibility to create your own settings. You can personalize settings to meet specific company needs, establish policies, and have privacy settings align with specific legislation requirements, e.g., GDPR.

Securing the Privacy of MyQ Users

There are three basic security measures essential in every print environment, regardless of user.

1. Ensuring that the user who is using the MFP has full control over their jobs.

2. Enclosed user sessions with both user authentication and automatic logout.

3. Storing print files in a secured place on the MyQ Print Server.

Beyond this, the following additional MyQ features can further increase user privacy:

GDPR Compliance

Complying to all user rights given by the regulation such as the “right to access” and the “right to be forgotten.”

MyQ Secure Print

Release sent jobs only after the user goes to the MFP and authorizes themselves with an ID card or username + password, preventing the accidental or malicious pickup of materials.

MyQ Device Login/Logout

Simply log out of the device and its memory is automatically cleared. The administrator can set an automatic logout once the user is finished.

Document Security

Store all print files at the MyQ Server in a predefined folder and the MyQ administrator can set the period for when the files will be automatically deleted.

Private Queues

Enable users or departments to use private queues where print jobs are deleted immediately after they are released.

Privacy Mode

Personal data that would compromise the company’s data protection policies won’t be saved in this mode and logged users can only see the names of their own jobs.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Administrators have the difficult task of securing the print server, company data, and network communication against a range of external and internal threats, that’s why MyQ Solution was designed to make setup and management easier. MyQ also provides extensive security options for the MyQ Server, comprehensive network encryption, and clear protocol policies.

Secured access to the MyQ server

To maximize print server security, access of common users to the MyQ Web Interface is limited only to their profile, reports, and print jobs. Users’ access rights can be extended according to their role and responsibilities in the MyQ system. The only accounts that have full access to the administration of MyQ are the system administrators.

To detect misuse of the extended access rights, MyQ tracks all changes on the admin level and saves them to MyQ Audit Log together with information about who and when the MyQ settings were changed.

Controlling the Print Environment

The following optional MyQ features enable the control of the print environment, minimize the risk of its misuse, and assist in the tracking of unapproved activities:


Uncover a leaked document and identify the user responsible for printing it by applying an overlay watermark which can identify the document as confidential, add the print date, and include the name of the person printing the document.

Job Preview

Preview print jobs that have been sent to MyQ in the three most common page description languages: PCL 5, PCL 6, and Postscript.

Controlling Scanned Documents

Restrict scanning to predefined folders and use an integrated OCR or DMS system to provide notifications and restrictions based on the content of the scanned documents.

Job Archiving

Keep track of what’s been printed and scanned and use this data as a source for the detailed auditing of a document flow. Deleting jobs from the MyQ Server has no effect on files stored in the Job Archiving feature.

Security wrap-up with MyQ

MFPs are ground zero when it comes to workflow security. MyQ, as the print management solution, is focused on enhancing the security and privacy of data within a company network.

MyQ features meet all three competing demands: legislation protecting the individual’s privacy, the system administrator’s task to protecting the network, and company management needing to reduce costs and protect commercial secrets. The variable security and privacy needs within each company demonstrate the importance of a print management solution which can be easily fine-tuned. With MyQ, you have a secure choice.

About MyQ

MyQ makes the award-winning MyQ Solution for secure print management and workflow optimization via printers and other multi-functional devices. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with additional branches in Austria, France, Germany, Russia, UAE, the UK, and the USA, MyQ works with the most-recognized global vendors in the printing industry. CIO Business World rates MyQ a “Top 100” Czech technology company.

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