MyQ Innovation is “Leading the Charge” at HP

Innovation is a big, big deal at MyQ. This is why we are so proud of receiving the “Leading the Charge” award for Innovation at the HP JetAdvantage Partner Conference in Boise, Idaho, last year. We got this award as a result of our agile development skills and participation in HP’s Link Developer’s program.

As the developers of software that helps people better manage their multifunctional printers and document workflows, we know the word “innovation” from three perspectives — essential, dangerous, and one heck of a compliment.

Innovation is essential — With the development of multifunctional printers, it is absolutely critical to be innovative. The printer is no longer just making marks on paper, it is at the center of document workflows and the company system for exchanging and recording information. It even impacts remote employees who are far away from the device.

Innovation is dangerous — As an IT company, we know innovation is risky at best. Make a mistake with the MFP, and an organization’s activities can come to a screeching halt as documents are lost or destroyed. We know our work has a direct impact on the workings of the entire organization.

Innovation is a heck of a compliment — There are many companies in the IT space that call themselves innovative. But, it is rare that a world-class vendor recognizes an outside developer and publicly acknowledges their contributions as innovative. This is why we hold this award from HP so close to our hearts.

This “Leading the Charge” award came after our certification of the MyQ solution and embedded terminal for use with HP’s FutureSmart 3 and FutureSmart 4 devices, points out Martin Janus, CEO of MyQ. “It recognizes our work to enhance the great potential of HP’s multifunctional printers,” he added. “We are quite pleased with our growing technological cooperation with HP — especially in the fast-developing areas of embedded and mobile workflow solutions.”

“As one of our development partners, MyQ brings insights into the use of workflow solutions,” adds Paul Birkett, Director of Worldwide Workflow Solutions at HP. “We know MyQ has the ability to quickly move ideas into workable solutions that add value to our end customers.”

MyQ is continuing in the HP Partner Program and the HP Link developer program. “Working with HP on JetAdvantage Link has been a positive experience where we were able to be agile and clearly communicate our ideas about what was working, not working, and needed to be improved,” explains Jakub Ahmadyar, CTIO and R&D head at MyQ. “We like HP’s working culture where people are not afraid to ask difficult questions.”

About MyQ

MyQ makes the award-winning, universal MyQ Solution for secure print management and workflow optimization via printers and other multi-functional devices. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with additional branches in Austria, France, Germany, Russia, UAE, the UK, and the USA, MyQ works with the most-recognized global vendors in the printing industry. CIO Business World rates MyQ a “Top 100” Czech technology company.

Award-winning print management software featuring personalization, air-tight security and outstanding document workflows.

Award-winning print management software featuring personalization, air-tight security and outstanding document workflows.