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Improve your watermark with MyQ

Watermarking has been used for centuries to protect documents against forgeries. It started out as a way of stamping a special pattern into the wet pulp during the paper making process, changing the thickness of the paper at the selected spots. This enables people to see the pattern as a shadow or as a lightness in the finished paper. Watermarks have been used everywhere from helping Copernicus safeguard his writings to countries protecting their stamps and paper currencies.

In the digital era, the meaning of watermarking has been expanded to include placing a stamp on a document that identifies who printed it and from which printer. It’s an effective visual way for companies prevent the misuse of their printers and secure sensitive content. However, this capability often varies by the individual device and its manufacturer — making it difficult for companies with a mixed bag of printers to implement. With the new MyQ Solution 7.1, we’ve made watermarking easier for users by expanding this capability to all printers, regardless of their OEM. Even though your documents may not upset the way the world turns, MyQ can make your world more secure.

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Customize Your MyQ Embedded Terminal

Most terminals are just accepted on an “as is” basis. The airport terminal has mandatory lines and security checks — you just can’t jump over the barriers. The terminally ill cancer patient knows his time is limited — mortality is knocking at the door. Computer terminals, connecting user and computer, can sometimes be changed — but that often depends on the geekiness of the user. And the terminal on your office printer — forget about it.

Well, not any more. Now the embedded terminal on your office computer can be changed to better fit your specific company needs.

We know that not every office has the same document handling issues. And, not every company has the same brand image requirements. That’s why the MyQ Embedded Terminal can now be fully customized, as clients can now change the icon functionality and pick the color schemes. Clients have their choice between two options: First, they can choose from a free menu of predefined terminal themes and colors. Second, they can have an individualized terminal built by MyQ that incorporates their specific brand-image requirements.

The MyQ Embedded Terminal is not really an end point — it’s really the starting point where people interact daily for all of their document needs. Go ahead, make it your terminal.

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GDPR pain suppression with MyQ

GDPR is somewhere between the biggest advance ever in consumer privacy and the largest corporate headache ever. Ahead of the end May date when this EU directive comes into effect — and whenever the first fines of €10 million or 2% of their global gross revenue are levied — company managers will be holding their breath over whether or not they are GDPR compliant.

Theoretically, companies can manage their data collection with a spreadsheet and a pencil. But practically, most organizations would like to do more than employ people to manually manage their databases.

That’s why the MyQ 7.1 makes GDPR compliance simpler for both admins and final customers. With MyQ, clients can easily remove/anonymize users, display user data, and add contacts. If an end user or former employee exercises their “right to be forgotten” and asks for the deletion of their private data, it’s just a one click task with MyQ and it’s done.

MyQ can help alleviate the pain from GDPR compliance — and can even help remove the GDPR stress. After all, it’s always better to not get a headache than to suppress the pain afterwards.

For the complete list on new and improved features in the new MyQ Solution 7.1, read our previously written article here.

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