MyQ 7.1 Release Will be GDPR Ready and More

Major upgrade will simplify GDPR compliance, watermarking, terminal customization, and more.

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MyQ, developer of the award-winning print management MyQ Solution, will roll out major upgrade 7.1. The new upgrade will make it simpler for MyQ Solution clients to reach GDPR compliance, have a company-branded embedded terminal, and reduce the risk of a print-related data breach with document watermarking.

“We’re automating everyday tasks, making it easier for companies to do what they need to work more efficiently and more securely with the new 7.1 upgrade,” said Martin Janus, CEO of MyQ. “The new customizable MyQ Embedded Terminal makes it possible for our clients to change the look and feel of their workflow solution.”

MyQ will launch the 7.1 upgrade to all its users. Clients with a white-labeled variant of MyQ Solution — the KYOCERA Net Manager (KNM) and Triumph-Adler’s aQrate — will receive their updates via their individual vendor release schedule.

Enhanced GDPR compliance

The new 7.1 will make GDPR compliance simpler for both admins and end users. With MyQ, clients can easily remove/anonymize users, display user data, and add contacts. “MyQ automates the change of personal information, transforming this from a manual spreadsheet chore,” stated Janus. “With the ‘right to be forgotten,’ if an end user asks for deletion of their private data, it’ll just be one click and it’s done.” These new functions will be free for all MyQ clients with valid support contracts.

Customizable embedded terminal

The look and feel of the MyQ embedded terminal will be fully customized. Design options go more than skin deep as functionality for every single action on the terminal can be changed.

“Color and icon choice can now be up to the client — as it should be,” explained Janus. “They have a choice between two options. First, they can choose from a free menu of predefined keyboard themes and colors. Second, they can have a customized keyboard built by MyQ that incorporates their specific brand-image requirements.”

Improved watermarking

Securing documents with a watermark that lists who printed it and from which printer is a useful security function for tracking documents and restricting their misuse. However, this capability often varies by the individual device and the OEM. The new 7.1 will expand MyQ watermarking capability to include all printers, regardless of their OEM, reducing operational complexity.

Get the full 7.1 experience

For more information about the complete list on new and improved features in the new MyQ Solution 7.1, contact us through our website.

About MyQ

MyQ makes the award-winning, universal MyQ Solution for secure print management and workflow optimization via printers and other multi-functional devices. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with additional branches in Austria, France, Germany, Russia, UAE, the UK, and the USA, MyQ works with the most-recognized global vendors in the printing industry. CIO rates MyQ a “Top 100” Czech technology company. For more info, visit:

Award-winning print management software featuring personalization, air-tight security and outstanding document workflows.

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