Make Your Mark (A Story)

Featured guest article by Lyle Frink, PR consultant who’s skilled at simplifying the complex, engaging the mundane, and whose puns are always intended.

Headquarters wants to know … who screwed up

The agency’s top-secret report had been found at the train station … and the police want someone to pick it up ASAP.

Just retrieving this top-secret report does not answer the questions: Who left the report at the train station? Was it an accidental data leak? Was it a malicious theft and loss of company information? The big bosses at headquarters want to know — and they want someone’s head on a platter.

Anonymous papers on the loose

Fingers are pointing: Bob is looking at Alice, Alice is looking at Dick, and Dick is pointing fingers at everyone.

The nervous accusations show the near hopelessness of the situation. There were a number of people who had access to the report, who could have printed it, and who could have left it at the train station in a momentary attack of forgetfulness. While the loss may be career-ending event for someone — it is not clear just who will get the axe.

Identify your workflow

Accidents can happen — but so can accurate workflow management. Instead of baseless accusations, it is to identify which individual printed out the missing documents. MyQ watermarking makes it possible to easily mark documents with the name of the person that printed them, the specific printer, and even the time when the document was printed. MyQ can do this across all managed MFPs, regardless of the brand or model.

Watermark responsibility

While anonymity has its place, so does clear identification. More important than attributing blame, watermarking helps build responsibility, as individuals take greater care of confidential documents when their names are on them. After all, why should heads roll when they can be made more responsible in the first place?

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About the author

Lyle Frink is a freelance PR and communications consultant based in Prague, Czech Republic. As both a punster and a wordsmith, he likes to simplify the message — and make it interesting — for a range of industries stretching from IT security to beer and automotive. His family includes a wife, three kids, and some chickens.

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