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3 min readApr 9, 2020


Working in a fast-paced corporate environment can be quite hectic. In my previous job, there were days when I didn’t have time for a break away from my desk. I certainly didn’t have the time to learn how to use the new complicated printer assigned to my department. Even if it’s not that complicated, one might not remember their login password (it happens to the best of us). What is more, working in an open space setting, it’s also time-consuming to keep walking back and forth to the only printer on the floor.

This is all different now. Right from the get-go when I came to MyQ, I’ve been using the ID card login and the “Print all jobs after logging in” functionality for most of my printing.

ID card login

I just add all my print jobs to my queue, go to the printer, swipe my ID card and collect my printed jobs. Just swipe and collect! — a matter of seconds, compared to the valuable hours wasted per year ongoing to the printer, trying to navigate the printer’s native device panel, logging in using credentials, which you might have forgotten, finding your queued jobs and finally printing them. In MyQ, I just swipe and collect, and I don’t even have to touch the printer.

This is extra useful when trying to avoid surfaces that are continuously touched by multiple people and might not be a part of daily cleaning routines. Especially now, most people work remotely, but there are still those few who go to their offices and unavoidably use their printers.

As I recall, the printers in my old job didn’t have the capacity for ID card login. Even if that was the case now, or if, for example, I forget my ID card at home, I can always use the MyQ Mobile App.

MyQ Mobile Print

With the MyQ mobile application, all I need to do is scan the QR code displayed on the printer and select the jobs. I can even change my mind at the last minute and choose to print in colour or change the number of printed copies. Printing files from my phone’s internal or cloud storage in the same way, with no need to touch the printer at all, is possible as well. This kind of convenience was especially missing from my life, since there were quite a few times in the past that would have loved to be able to print from my mobile phone during a trip to another branch, instead of calling the local helpdesk to set up a new guest account for me and then trying to use an unfamiliar printer.

You can use the above MyQ features to print fast and contactless too. If they are not available to you, try and contact your SysAdmin to toggle the features on the MyQ server for you. Or perhaps your company doesn’t use MyQ yet — in that case, it might be worth suggesting to your SysAdmin to try it out for free — It’s smart. Pun intended.

Stay safe, and focus on what you do best!

Written by: Stavroula Kalaitzidou



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