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In the wake of the BLI 2021 Software Pick Award announced last November, which names MyQ X Enterprise Edition an “Outstanding Print Management Solution”, comes an extensive review confirming its unique value proposition.

Keypoint Intelligence has issued a detailed Solution Report, picking apart MyQ X Enterprise’s features and functions after having subjected the solution to months of heavy testing. The Report contains detailed information regarding MyQ X Enterprise’s performance in the following sections: Features & Productivity, Usability, IT Admin & Security, Support & Training and Value.

A quick summary of the review

The first and most extensive section, Features & Productivity, focuses on the most prominent aspects of the Enterprise Edition, such as device discovery, the MyQ Embedded Terminal app, scanning workflows or cost reports, viewing all these features from the user’s perspective and underlining versatility and convenience. …

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“Progress cannot be stopped” — a saying that is twice as valid when it comes to new technologies and modern workplaces. And printing — as a tool that is relevant to both of these categories — is no exception.

The constant push towards digitization and smart technologies challenges the whole printing industry to come up with new products and features to satisfy the digital demand. To make the future of printing a little clearer, Quocirca created the Global Print 2025 report to sketch out the most important changes ahead.

For a better insight into the printing sector, Quocirca conducted two surveys, one with 55 senior industry executives and a second with 575 small and medium businesses and enterprise organizations from the US and Europe. The report, together with a free executive summary, can be found here. Let us take a closer look at the essential expectations of the industry and how MyQ Solution steps up to meet them. …

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Despite the rapidly increasing digitization, there are still many people that prefer the feel of good old paper between their fingertips. Sure, this might be justifiable in the case of belles-lettres and comic books. However, more often than not, lot of employees click the “print” button without giving it a second thought.

You pay for every page

Despite the rapidly increasing digitization, there are still many people that prefer the feel of good old paper between their fingertips. Sure, this might be justifiable in the case of belles-lettres and comic books. However, more often than not, lot of employees click the “print” button without giving it a second thought. Paper consumption still shows an unpleasantly growing tendency. Not only do the tall piles of unnecessarily printed files indisputably have a negative environmental impact — they can also get quite costly. Your printing expenses can become a quickly growing item on your budget list. But no need to be terrified of turning on your MFP in the morning. We bring you some tips to help with your print cost reduction. …

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We’ve all been there — first we wait in a long supermarket queue and when it’s finally our turn, we spend ages searching our wallet or pockets for the right coins to hand over to the cashier. But a few years ago, the “magic beep” of contactless payment came to our rescue. And its popularity has been increasing ever since. For example, Czechia, which is not exactly known as a great technological innovator, is a world leader when it comes to contactless payment, preceded only by Australia. The Czechs simply love “to beep” and they have many opportunities to do so, as all the payment terminals in Czechia have to be contactless. Touch-free technology is, however, not limited only to payment cards — quite far from that. It is no longer just a fantasy of sci-fi or technological geeks to use different gadgets for paying or authenticating themselves. Thanks to the so-called NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, it is possible to use your smartphone or different wearables such as smart watches, bracelets or even jewelry for contactless transactions. …

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In the age of digitization, companies reinvent their processes and encourage their employees to think twice before printing a piece of paper. Still, when you type “office printing costs” or “printer usage monitoring” into Google, this is what starts popping up:

“As much as 3% of a company’s income is spent on printing, copying, filing and posting paper documents.” (MyDataScope)

“An average person uses between 250 and 300 kilos of paper every year.”

“According to a survey of small businesses, 47 percent report that employees printing email was a big part of their print usage.”

“Almost two thirds of small businesses can’t track how much their print devices cost them, nor can they track their usage.” …

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We hear the term “non-essential” mentioned quite often these days, as businesses are slowing down in their tracks to think about how to best allocate their resources and energy. Maybe one of the things we can and should do without is using a multifunction printer — especially since we are cautious about frequently touched surfaces, and a printer’s control panel is a good example of such a surface. Still, we would like to show that with the right print management solution, printers can become smart assistants that offer welcome help.

In our previous post on this topic, we suggested you equip your office with Contactless Printing. The first “hack” was to enable logging in to a printer with one’s badge and having all prints come out automatically, and the second using the MyQ Mobile App on to operate the printer because any person is — in an ideal case — the only one who touches their smartphone. …

MyQ has made its way to the control panels of Lexmark multifunction printers, which are widely popular across the UK, as well as Central and Eastern Europe — particularly in retail and vertical markets like the automobile industry.

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MyQ in Lexmark

Cost control, security and efficient workflows of both paper and digitized documents are among the top print-related needs of businesses today. The introduction of MyQ for Lexmark allows resellers to provide for all of these, and more.

The first phase of MyQ implementation guarantees that the print solution is quickly and easily installed across the entire printer fleet, which means monitoring starts immediately and allows for accurate cost reports. …

A Cool Guy with the Soul of a Rock ’n’ Roller

PETR HACMAC is a product manager at MyQ, but with his long hair, he clearly sticks to his rocker origins. What matters to him is participation in meaningful work and the satisfaction of his clients. “I don’t have to be seen and show off,” he plainly declares. He enjoys the international environment in MyQ, as well as friendly relationships with his colleagues.

How did you get to your current profession?

I joined Janus (now Kyocera Document Solution Czech) in 2001 as a service technician because I had been friends with Petr Januš, cousin of Martin Januš, since school. So it was through personal ties at a time when I was thinking what to do next. …

Jakub is the cofounder of MyQ with a passion for dogs.

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Jakub (in the middle) is busy all the time.

JAKUB AHMADYAR, one of the founders of MyQ, is by no means a boring techie; talking to him is great fun. He’s sarcastic, witty, and self-deprecating, but he hates official interviews, self-promotion, and routine. “I wish I could cancel this conversation, and just put up a photo of someone photogenic in a suit with a tie whose views fit everyone and don’t offend anyone,” he chuckled. Although he likes to win, this time he lost.

What is your role in MyQ? All I know is that you are one of the founders.

Yes, I am a founder, and my role is technical.

Are you the father of MyQ?

I’m more like a mother. The idea was Martin’s (Janus), and Radek (Tetík) implemented it from the beginning. I’d rather be on the hardware side of things. They needed someone for the electronics aspect and my brother had a soldering iron at home, so they called me. I learned to do electronics in a week and that was it. I’ve enjoyed programming since I was 12, went to school for it, and studied electrical engineering at college. …

Programmer Initiates ‘Ctrl+X’ to Industry Clichés

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Radek is positive every day

Radek Tetík has been connected to MyQ since its garage-day beginnings. As a programmer, he develops software, but he’s not one to fit typical IT clichés. As a likeable and communicative guy who was programming computer games in college, he likes to solve problems, but lately, he enjoys reading both professional and esoteric literature. He’s interested in Buddhism and tries to practice yoga every morning. Despite this, MyQ and family are his top priorities, so don’t expect him to run off to an Asian ashram quite yet.

Have you been with MyQ since the beginning?

Yes, together with Martin Januš, Kuba Ahmadyar, and Petr Hacmac; then more were rallied. …


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