5 Questions with Zuzana Vaclavikova, Software Tester at MyQ

Software testers and developers; two significant pillars of any IT company. These departments are sometimes seen as friendly rivals–developers create the software and testers find the mistakes in it–but this symbiotic relationship is an essential part of maintaining a company’s relevance and keeping clients satisfied.

Zuzana Vaclavikova has been a tester for most of her life, but not just with software. She put herself to the test when she moved from her small, mountainous hometown in northern Slovakia to the lively, mountain-less capital city of Prague, CZ. Growing up, she tested a lot of hobbies which she still pursues to help balance her time spent at work and school. One thing she loves above all else; dogs–the fluffier, the better. It’s a lucky thing for her that Prague is also known as the “City of Dogs.”

Lancelot Purdue

1. You’ve mentioned that MyQ’s HR department contacted you through LinkedIn. Why did you choose MyQ over other firms that were offering you jobs?

One of the reasons was the fact that I had never heard of MyQ, which made it new, exciting, and I saw a huge opportunity to learn and grow. The idea of a printing solution was highly welcome since I am a printer administrator. During the interview Petra and the dev team lead were both professional and supportive. A week later, after the testing day, I realized that the people here are the perfect combination of a nerdy, crazy, and full-of-life family for me to enjoy and work with.

2. What advantages are there for students who want to work at MyQ while simultaneously attending university?

The first thing is the flexible hours. You may have a 20-hour contract, but everyone understands that your school is your priority. Moreover, you get to experience the agile workflow, which is perfect for a student — the short sprints keep the work interesting and well-rationed, so that you can simply come to the office, work on your assigned tasks, and go to school without worrying about anything outside your current schedule. What’s more, you can take all this experience and use it in your own projects. From observing Jakub, my team’s lead at MyQ, my own management skills have grown exponentially, and I’ve been able to apply them to the team I lead at school.

3. Your team works hard, but also has a lot of fun. How do you maintain your work ethic and togetherness?

We try to keep everything non-formal. It’s easier to work with someone if you know they can take a joke, and memes are the ultimate way of relating to one another. We go out for beers, food, take photos, and talk about things beyond the company, which makes communicating in the office more natural. All this adds up to a functional team of dedicated individuals — and friends.

4. When you manage to get some free time from work and school, what is your ideal day away from MyQ headquarters in Prague?

I like to spend an active day hiking in the mountains, such as the Tatras in Slovakia or the Alps, or have a trip to the countryside with a big fluffy dog. A lazy day would certainly contain reading good fantasy books, drawing, watching a couple episodes of “Doctor Who,” playing the piano, or just hanging out with my boyfriend, family, or friends.

5. What do you enjoy most about being a tester at MyQ?

It’s definitely the people. The family-like environment is the reason why I look forward to coming to the office. I try not to confine myself to the glass cube of the testers’ office and I like to roam around when there’s a free moment; visit the Marketing team, chat with Sales, grab a coffee with Support. And, as a family (especially in R&D), we celebrate life events together: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and most recently, the welcome of our colleague’s little one. Another enjoyable thing is seeing the suffering look on a developer’s face when you show them a bug that you found in their code!

There are some free spots available now to work as a software tester with Zuzana. Head over to Stack Overflow to apply now.

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