5 Questions with Tomas Celikovsky, Technical Support Specialist at MyQ

Cool, calm, and collected. These characteristics are the foundation of any good technical support specialist. It’s not easy dealing with people when they are having an issue, but being able to guide a customer though a situation is paramount to a company’s success. MyQ’s technical support team are walking, talking operation manuals who not only know our software inside and out, but have an instinct for problem solving and communicating with customers — and even some of our less technically proficient colleagues (like those of us in marketing) — when things seem to be at their grimmest.

Tomas Celikovsky is a naturally social person with a knack for solving technical issues; something he’s been doing for family and friends for as long as he can remember. Since communicating with people and solving technical problems are the two aspects of his job he enjoys the most, Tomas has been a perfect fit for MyQ ever since he joined the company two years ago.

Lancelot Purdue

1. Has your passion for massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), such as World of Warcraft, been an advantage for you when it comes to interacting and solving technical issues for MyQ’s B2B partners?

I love to have a good overview of any game I play and experience every aspect of it. That way, I can answer any question, advise people on how to overcome obstacles, and determine what is most effective when we talk. Also playing MMORPGs developed my social skills, such as communicating with people who are complete strangers to me, for sure. So definitely, yes, it gave me dispositions which are useful in my job here in MyQ.

2. What has been the strangest call you’ve received during your time at MyQ?

Calls are usually fine, sometimes difficult if the person on the other side is not speaking English very well. For the strangest thing that has happened to me in MyQ, I would choose the help desk case where I asked for screenshots describing an issue someone was having, and he sent me pictures of some photo model. Obviously, he did it by mistake, but we laughed a lot.

3. How was the transition from applying technical IT theory you learned at school, to solving various real-world technical issues for MyQ’s B2B partners?

Well, I would say as for every technical job, it was a bit hard to project theory into practice first. But I learned quickly, and I adapted fast. The theory from school at least gave me some general overview in IT, so later it wasn’t a problem to put one and one together and understand how things work in practice.

4. What makes the technical support team an important role for an IT company such as MyQ?

A good support team means satisfied customers, and what is better for any company than satisfied customers? Not all issues are always bugs in the software. Sometimes just a small mistake in settings, or a wrong number in an IP address can determine if a system works as the customer expects, or not. Then we come to save the day and correct these mistakes which leaves our customers happy and grateful.

5. What is your ideal day away from the office?

These days I really enjoy relaxing, watching TV series/movies and, of course, playing video games with my friends. I don’t despise going for a beer — or two, either! Or going on a trip from time to time, to clear my mind.

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