5 Questions with Roberto Acosta Gonzales, C# Developer at MyQ

Developers are one of the most sought-after IT positions in Prague. MyQ has a great collection of them already, but competing with other Czech companies to fill open positions has inspired us to adapt to how we fill these roles. Instead of just searching for local talent, we often search abroad for qualified candidates who aren’t opposed to relocating. This was the case for Roberto Acosta Gonzales.

Roberto, a native of Santiago de Cuba, went from a tropical Caribbean island to a landlocked European country with all four seasons. It’s never easy to uproot yourself and move 5,000 miles across the globe, but Roberto has managed to do it almost effortlessly by having an open mind and an ever-present smile on his face.

Lancelot Purdue

1. I’ve heard whispers around the office that you are passionate about dancing, Salsa especially. How did Salsa help you adjust to your new surroundings in Prague?

Salsa was a good way to meet people from everywhere. It helped me create my social life in Prague. I was able to see people outside of work and meet new friends, both local and foreign.

2. As a Developer, what’s the biggest difference between working in Cuba and working in Prague?

The first big difference is having complete access to the Internet. It allows me to consult with other colleagues around the world about a problem or to check recent documentation of the technologies involved in our projects.

The second big difference is getting to work in a multi-cultural environment. I now work with many colleagues from all over the world. Trying to understand their culture has allowed my personal point-of-view to grow. And, at the same time, my colleagues are trying to understand my culture.

3. Was there any hesitation about moving to Prague when you were offered your job at MyQ?

I was looking for an opportunity to move abroad from Cuba. When this opportunity appeared, I said, “let’s do this!”

4. Which aspects of Czech culture did you take to right away? Which ones are you still working on?

From Day 1, I immediately took to Czech food, medovnik (Czech cake), and especially the Czech beer. Getting around the city was also easy because I travel by bike quite often.

I still struggle with the language and the seasons. I am trying to find out how to enjoy autumn and winter. It’s better than it was in the beginning, but it’s still something I’m working on.

5. Now that you’ve been here for a few years, what’s your secret to not getting homesick?

Hanging out with my good friends. Travelling and trying new experiences in and out of the Czech Republic helps, too. There are a lot of places to be discovered.

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