5 Questions with Petra Vokalova, Chief Administrative Officer at MyQ

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3 min readAug 29, 2018

An employee who’s been at a company for the majority of their career has unseen advantages their newly-hired colleagues haven’t yet obtained. The familiarity of the company, the mannerisms of the executives, and knowing how to complete tasks more resourcefully takes time to acquire.

Petra Vokalova is this prototypical, experienced employee. At MyQ she has worked as a tester, in tech support, and created user manuals. Most of her time now is spent working logistics and supporting licenses for our software, MyQ Solution. She makes license orders, activates and reactivates licenses, and customizes invoices. This allows her to collaborate closely with the sales and technical support teams which means she’s as knowledgeable about our product as anyone at MyQ. Petra is also our in-house graphic designer. Her work has crossed into marketing (where she has helped us out numerous times in Photoshop) and can be seen on our website and social media channels.

Lancelot Purdue

1. How has the creative aspect of graphic design helped you define your role throughout your time at MyQ?

It’s a small part of my job, but my colleagues come to me when they need a quick Photoshop fix or graphic designed. I’m mainly working with licensing and logistics, but I have created small icons for the embedded terminal and the MyQ server. I wish I had more time to practice and get better at it.

2. You’ve been working on MyQ Solutions since 2011 and have worked in several different departments. What is it about this company that has kept you motivated to advance to a C-Level position?

The motivation has come from the experiences I’ve had in different departments at MyQ. I worked in testing, but the main thing for me was working with licenses and logistics. I’ve been doing this since 2011, so I know everything about this department.

3. What’s been your greatest challenge during your time at MyQ?

Setting up the logistics and licensing processes. When we separated from Janus in 2014, we had to change the processes because it was a different company. We kept the few processes from Janus which were the same, but we created a lot of new ones for our new company.

4. You’ve mentioned that a philosophy of yours is to enjoy things as they come to you, as a feeling. With that in mind, what is your ideal day away from the office?

I like spending time with my family. Sometimes we decide to go out to the cinema or on a walk. It doesn’t matter what we actually do, just that we are together. I also love being with my three Jack Russell terriers. They have lots of energy.

5. You lived in Sydney, Australia for 18 months to study graphic design. What kind of culture shock did you experience?

The biggest shock was learning to live with dangerous spiders and snakes. For the first three months I was checking the windows before I opened them and the inside of my shoes. After the first three months, I didn’t care anymore. When I was there, I once found a spider and, on other occasions, cockroaches inside my shoes.

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