5 Questions with Matus Szepe, Lead Developer at MyQ

Developing and programming software is a complicated process, at least for those of us in the marketing department. Behind the easy-to-use operation of the MyQ Embedded Terminals lies a world of complex programming that is constantly being tested and improved based on the needs of our users. The people navigating this high-tech world are the developers and their drive to solve and design architectural code.

Matus Szepe is lead developer whose years of design and coding experience have taken him from a small town in neighboring Slovakia to the bustling capital city Prague, in the Bohemian region of Czech Republic. His love for solving code is only matched by his passion to travel the world over, collecting Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts along the way. During our conversation, Matus kindly simplified his job and showed me photos from his favorite travel destinations.

Lancelot Purdue

1. You’ve mentioned you’ve been coding and programming since you were 10 years old and it’s made your life easier. What kind of life hacks have you created to make your life easier?

It depends. I created a program just to generate numbered lines, though numbering them myself could be faster, it’s more fun this way. Recently, I’ve created my own tax form filler that I use every month to generate official tax forms just by inputting a few numbers in the correct boxes. It’s not about making life easier, it’s about having fun doing it differently rather than the boring way.

2. A lot has changed at MyQ since you started in 2012. What has been your biggest accomplishment during your time here?

I couldn’t say that anything is solely MY accomplishment. We are all one team, so it is our accomplishment, but look at the top of the cupboard in the kitchen; I’ve received both of those awards.

3. As a small-town Slovak native, what led you to relocate to Prague?

I always wanted something bigger. As a lazy person, I went for the easy option. Czech is very similar to my language, so university and finding a job as a native Slovak was easier. Looking around I think I made the correct choice. All the Millennials are complaining how difficult is to find a job these days and I have a good team; can’t complain.

4. How does the dynamic of a small team keep up with the high work demands of an IT company like MyQ?

Simple, by being “the best team.”

5. You’ve mentioned that when you’re not working you love to travel. What are the next few destinations on your bucket list and why those locations?

The next destination is Parenthood with a long stay in Diaper Village, a few visits at Frustration Park, but the final stop should be Happiness Town. We have a bucket list that has to wait, but we are still planning a road trip across the US, or elephant riding in Sri Lanka. I loved being in Japan, so we definitely need to return and visit the northern parts around Sapporo with the hot springs and mountain views.

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