5 Questions with Mariangela Di Serio, Sales Representative at MyQ

With great software solutions comes great sales teams. It doesn’t matter what your company sells, without a competent and savvy sales team, you can’t provide the best consultation and solutions for your customers. MyQ has a great solution, but we wouldn’t be who we are without our sales representatives. One of these sales reps is Mariangela.

Mariangela is an Italian native with an appetite for building customer relationships and high-quality food — pasta especially. She went from being a journalism graduate near the Adriatic Coast in Central Italy, to a B2B sales rep in the heart of Bohemia. Now, established in a valuable role at MyQ, her hardworking mentality and lust for life attitude is a complementary fit among our diverse group of sales representatives.

Lancelot Purdue

1. Has having a journalism background been an advantage for you to better connect with people during meetings and sales calls?

Yes of course and, not only journalism, but in all the jobs I’ve had since then. While I was studying to be a journalist and working at different newspapers, I worked as a press officer at an opera house. I also worked as an event organizer in different companies. Everything I learned in these experiences gave me the right mindset to understand how to deal with customers and how to make them happy.

2. What would you say sets MyQ apart compared to other B2B sales jobs you’ve had?

My first experience in B2B sales was selling conferences. It was really hard and I was spending the entire day on the phone, only approaching companies and new people who would be interested in participating in our conferences. I never met any of the customers in person. The beauty of MyQ is that my job is structured in a different way. I’m exploring my territories, helping partners, and proposing our product through different channels: phone, B2B meetings, social media, etc. All the benefits I have are fabulous. My favorite is the coffee machine that makes great espresso!

3. What brought you from Chieti, Italy to Prague, CZ?

I left my family home after high school and lived in different cities in Italy during my studies. When I decided to move to Prague in 2013 the job situation in Italy was awful, especially in my field. Every kind of job related to culture was either unpaid or very badly paid. At that time, I was already living in Rome and nobody could offer me anything more than internships. In the end I said to myself, “I’m tired of this, I want to go abroad.” I applied for a European project and I chose Prague because it was not so crowded. Most of the Italians were going to Germany or the UK. It was very easy to find a job here and even change it when I found a better one. Of course, it was painful because I love my country, but it’s been worth it.

4. Which aspects of Czech culture did you take to right away? Which ones are you still working on?

First, I tried to get into the traditional Czech food and drinks. I like Pilsner (Czech beer), Becherovka (herb-infused Czech alcohol), and koleno (pork knee). I have visited many places, not only in Prague, but also around Bohemia. I like the architecture, art, and I was interested in knowing more about Alfons Mucha and Milos Forman. I also discovered drum and bass music, which is very famous here. Of course, there are aspects that are not matching with my personality or my tastes. I don’t like sports or to be in nature, and the language is very difficult for me.

5. What is your ideal day away from the office?

My ideal day away from the office can be culture-based: going to the cinema or theatre, museums, exhibitions, shopping, or visiting new places. I’d also go to a restaurant with friends, and then a bar or club which has electronic music. When I’m in Italy during the summer, I spend the entire day at the beach, so I’m really looking forward to it.

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