5 Questions with Ivan Konecny, Chief Business Development Officer at MyQ

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3 min readAug 22, 2018


MyQ is an innovative print solutions company comprised of multicultural employees with eclectic backgrounds. The cultural diversity at MyQ has been crucial to our success because it allows these differing backgrounds to come together, combine their experiences, and work as one cohesive unit. That’s why it makes sense to have a Chief Business Development Officer who is just as varied.

Ivan Konecny, whose professional career ranges from the industries of ceramics and glass to automotive and IT, has worked in upper management all over the world. Along with his diverse, professional background, his numerous interests and hobbies outside of work may surprise those colleagues of his who only get to see him when he’s in the office.

Lancelot Purdue

1. Once you achieved upper management status, what motivated you to maintain this function, not at the same place, but at different companies in various industries around the globe?

Learning new industries, winning the “game,” and connecting with different cultures. New companies have different cultures and I like to learn what I can from them: how they think, how they do business, and how they live.

2. Travelling is a big part of your job at MyQ, what has been the most unexpected place you have visited for business? What surprised you about this location?

It was Ricoh HQ in Philadelphia, PA, USA. It was unexpected because when we arrived at the address we had for their HQ, it had changed locations to a smaller city 40 km away and we weren’t notified of the change. Our time table was so fixed, we decided to go to this city 40 km from the airport with the risk of missing our plane.

3. How has your business philosophy of “winning the game” helped you throughout your career? How have you implemented it at MyQ?

In a career, you have a lot of battles, not just a big war. To win a war, you must win a lot of smaller fights. You should be focused on each of these fights. You must go step-by-step or you can’t move forward. Don’t focus just on the big war, but also the small battles which allows you to see the horizon.

I have kept my strategy at MyQ, but I haven’t seen the result I want yet. I focus on supporting marketing, the owners, and with our potential clients. I must split my big goal into smaller ones to align us with reaching the end result.

4. With hobbies and interests that include music, sports, antique car collecting and amateur cowboying, what is your ideal day away from the office?

Spending time with my kids in nature, playing sports, and doing activities with them. Sometimes the activity can just be going for a ride in one of my antique cars and getting an ice cream. I like to maintain an active life with them.

5. As a Czech who has worked for many global companies, what is it about MyQ that really stood out to you as a company you’d like to work for?

The thing that stood out for me was to bring world recognition to MyQ as an international company and to bring it from something unprocessed to a necessary business structure. It’s an ambitious goal, which is what I like; the challenge of it.

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