5 Questions with Filip Novotny, QA Tester at MyQ

One IT job with some of the least visibility of production for the end user is the software tester. In the IT world, the software tester is a vital team member who works closely with developers. The main goal between these two departments is to perfect code; the developers write it and the testers break it.

Filip Novotny, a software tester, is exactly that; a vital team member of MyQ whose behind-the-scenes work plays a big part for the end users. He describes his work as 85% bug hunter and 15% test repairer. Filip mainly tests the embedded terminals for multifunctional devices (MFDs); checking graphics, button functionality, and the terminal’s stability. When he’s not in the office saving code, you can find him on the football field, saving goals as his football team’s goalkeeper — a position which is anything but behind the scenes.

Lancelot Purdue

1. You’ve mentioned that a lot of your work isn’t visible, what impact does software testing have at MyQ?

We are actually trying to break our solution so our customers don’t have problems using it. Why isn’t our work visible? It’s because we are trying to find bugs in our product. We are not creating new features, we are only testing the functions of the system. If we find some problem, we report it to the developers and they fix it.

2. What is a typical day like for the Quality Assurance (QA) Team at MyQ?

We start with the environmental preparation — creating virtual machines, installing the MyQ server, and setting all mandatory options. I am mainly testing Embedded terminals, so I have to find the appropriate printers. When the preparations are done, we can start working on our assigned test scenarios and testing solved-bug fixes and new features.

3. One of the main aspects of a Tester is to find bugs in the code, which makes for an interesting relationship with Developers. How would you describe the cooperation between the Testers in QA and the Development team at MyQ?

One can’t exist without the other. The basic rule is that developers need testers and testers need developers for their work. We have to cooperate together, not just with developers, but with other departments as well. Sometimes it’s a fight, but mainly it’s fun.

4. Which aspects of software testing do you enjoy the most?

I most enjoy the diversity of testing. Sometimes I use automatic tests when another program is testing itself, and other times I use manual tests when I have to go through the function buttons. There is also a diversity in testing targets because there are different people on our team to test the print server, the embedded terminals, the hardware, and the mobile application for Android and iOS.

5. When you’re not finding bugs in the code or repairing test scenarios, what is your ideal day away from the office?

My ideal day away from the office is spending time with my wife and our two dogs on a hike in the mountains. Or sometimes we’ll go for a walk in Prague or visit the cinema.

If you enjoy finding bugs and improving test scenarios, Tester positions are currently available at MyQ. Head over to Stack Overflow to apply now.

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