5 Questions with Anita Simonova, Office Assistant at MyQ

Office personnel often get stereotyped as employees whose only purpose is to answer phones and make coffee — mainly, because people don’t realize the dozens of thankless responsibilities they have. There are two major areas that every office assistant has to master: public-facing and behind-the-scenes. It takes a special kind of person to manage these two worlds and simultaneously break the stereotype of being “just an office assistant,” and this is exactly what Anita Simonova has done at MyQ.

Moving to Prague shortly after graduating high school made Anita grow up quicker than she’d expected. During that time, she became self-sufficient, stronger, and more confident; characteristics visible in the countless jobs she manages every day. As a “Gatekeeper” at MyQ, Anita has perfected dancing between both the front-end and back-end worlds with an attentiveness for all visitors and employees, as well as a demonstrating a work ethic that keeps her busy from early morning until late each day.

Lancelot Purdue

1. As someone who enjoys doing new things all the time — running, yoga, dancing — what is your current obsession?

Well, it’s sewing. This is the only way how I can relax my mind. Once I promised my colleague to sew a swimsuit for her. After few weeks of sewing it, I felt like throwing the sewing machine out of the window. It was the biggest challenge in my “sewing career” but I did it!

2. You’ve mentioned working at MyQ has been a better experience than your previous jobs. What differences have you experienced working at MyQ?

My first job was not so bad, but I couldn’t improve my knowledge. The difference between my second job and MyQ are the stereotypes. My previous job was very boring — just sitting at reception greeting people, handing out visitor cards, and waiting for the end of the workday. At MyQ, every day is different.

3. What were your first impressions of Prague and have they changed over the last few years since moving here?

When I moved to Prague I had to manage everything by myself. It was very difficult because I didn’t know how to rent an apartment, how to solve energy issues, etc. I moved here after graduation when I was 18 years old. I had a hard time. I did everything on my own, but now I am very happy of my decision to move here at such an early age. This step gave me a lot of life experience and now I am self-sufficient.

4. You’ve mentioned that every day at MyQ is different — which you enjoy — with that in mind, what is the most challenging part of your job?

What I like the most is supporting our foreign colleagues. They are very appreciative, and I don’t feel useless, which is very important to me. I help Petra Slukova, CHRO at MyQ, with the first part of hiring them. It means I must go to different ministries and embassies, which can be frustrating because every country has different requirements to allow the future employee to work here.

5. What is your ideal day away from MyQ headquarters in Prague?

Spending time with my boyfriend and my dog at the cottage, reading books — just relaxing.

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