5 Questions for MyQ’s Founders: The CTO, Petr Hacmac

A Cool Guy with the Soul of a Rock ’n’ Roller

PETR HACMAC is a product manager at MyQ, but with his long hair, he clearly sticks to his rocker origins. What matters to him is participation in meaningful work and the satisfaction of his clients. “I don’t have to be seen and show off,” he plainly declares. He enjoys the international environment in MyQ, as well as friendly relationships with his colleagues.

How did you get to your current profession?

We first wanted to get some software through to our business partners on the market, but we failed. Either it was very expensive, or the functionality didn't suit us, so Martin Januš decided that we would try to make our own. There was Radek Tetík, who is a programmer, and Kuba Ahmadyar, who started out with hardware terminals, and I thought of the first version of MyQ in 2007. As time went by, I did less and less Kyocera and did more of MyQ, although it was obviously still very much intertwined.

Would you say it's an adventure to participate in the development of something new and progressive?

Anyone who enters the MyQ office for the first time is immediately impressed by a relaxed, friendly, and informal atmosphere. Is this important to you?

How do you spend your free time, when you're not having a beer with colleagues?

Footballers and other athletes like to move from smaller clubs to those with more resonant names. MyQ is a smaller company; would you like to go to a bigger company with a bigger name one day?

Peter presenting the Product Roadmap at MyQ Showtime

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