10% of MyQ Employees Predict Germany Winning the World Cup

Football is back! Or maybe it never went anywhere? I’m not sure, I don’t follow football too closely. What I do know is that the FIFA World Cup started yesterday, June 14, and I always enjoy an excuse to drink and yell at large TV screens.

For the first time in World Cup history, Russia is hosting the event. Here are some more fun World Cup facts:

· The World Cup was created by Jules Rimet and was first held in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930.

· Uruguay was also the first country to win the World Cup.

· The 2014 World Cup reached 3.2 billion viewers! That’s almost half the population of the entire planet.

· There are 32 teams participating this year and, because Russia is hosting, they are automatically in the tournament.

· In 2014, Thomas Mueller ran more than any other player in the World Cup, covering about 84 km (52 miles for my metric-challenged friends) throughout the tournament that year.

· And don’t forget about the 2006 World Cup when French midfielder Zinedine Zidane headbutted Italy’s Marco Materazzi which gave us all those wonderful GIFs and memes.

I took a poll at the office and asked my colleagues if they were as excited as I was about the impending tournament that is loved the world over. The polling went well, except I had to explain to a few of my colleagues which World Cup I was referring to. Apparently, there’s more than one: chess, badminton, cricket. Also, about half of my colleagues thought I was taking bets for the Cup. Follow this blog for that article in the near future.

Out of the almost 60 employees that work at MyQ HQ in Prague, I managed to poll 37 of them (some were out of office, or they declined to give an answer at all). Here’s what I found out…

There are 32 countries participating in the World Cup, but according to my colleagues, only eight teams have a chance to take home the Cup. Brazil and Germany each garnered three votes. Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Serbia, Iceland, and Sweden all received one vote each. By the way, the Brazilian votes were probably influenced by one of MyQ’s developers, who’s actually from Brazil.

There is, however, one team that I forgot to mention which received 25 votes (67% of the office)! That is the “I Don’t Care” Team.

It’s not that there aren’t football fans here in the CZ, but I believe there would have been more participation if the Czech Republic was being represented in the Cup, but alas, they did not qualify.

There is an easier solution to get more of my colleagues excited about watching the FIFA World Cup though: have a party! A handful of my Czech colleagues said they would watch the game(s) if we were to have a viewing party and throw back a few beers in the process.

About the Author

Lancelot Purdue is the Copywriter at MyQ in Prague, CZ. He’s an avid photographer, traveler, and Oxford comma advocate.

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Award-winning print management software featuring personalization, air-tight security and outstanding document workflows.