Accepting new document-managing software in their portfolio has gotten trickier for MPS providers, ever since customers have started looking towards the cloud and hybrid workplace settings, but also 100% reliable security. Read MyQ UK’s take on why MyQ Roger is a safe answer to the situation.

Ask anyone about the “cloud”, and you will rarely hear the same answer twice. For software providers to enter this arena, risks must be taken, and I’m sure it was similar in the days of VHS/Betamax.

One thing that was clear to us in MyQ was we would need to start with a blank sheet of paper and build from the ground up. To do this during a global pandemic, when the form and infrastructure of the traditional workplace is being turned on its head, presented quite the task.

1. It’s a true-cloud platform for document handling

So, what did MPS providers need to add in order to…

Business fleets comprising multifunction printers by Sharp can now run MyQ X to its full potential, thanks to the recent optimization and release of MyQ Sharp Terminal 8.1.

MyQ’s print management software line MyQ X now fully supports Sharp printer fleets, with a special embedded application for the multifunction device itself — the MyQ Embedded terminal. The MFP’s interactive touch panel can thus be enhanced with MyQ’s interface and display personalized functions to the user.

MyQ Sharp 8.1 features available to the IT administrator include:

  • Advanced per-job accounting options connected to projects, credit and quota
  • Detailed reports both built-in and compatible with BI tools
  • Guest Account feature
  • Certified Web UI Accessibility

Web accessibility and WCAG

In order to make ICT accessible to everyone, the European Union adopted a European standard for digital accessibility EN 301 549, which follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines…

“In search of the All-mighty Printer” — a quest no IT staff member wants to set off for. Yet until this day, setting up printing for a new colleague, not to mention a whole department, gets messy and can take a better part of the day.

And nothing to be surprised by — connecting various devices to an even greater variety of different printer brands, installing all the necessary drivers and connectors is a far cry from being easy. After accepting a big contract with a very tight deadline, MyQ team decided to put a stop to this “printmare” once and for all. And that’s how MyQ’s Automatic Printer Discovery was born.

It all started with a sizeable contract for the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA). This institution urgently needed to fix their print management that lacked any managed printing solution. In doing so they reduced…

Administrative processes are thankfully getting more and more digitized, but the need to store hard copies of documents is here to stay — especially since many people still prefer to work with information printed on paper. To ensure a steady flow of print, scan and copy jobs, companies put their trust in print management solutions.

Criteria for selecting a print solution

One of the crucial parameters to consider is the company’s size. In large businesses, installing a printing solution usually demands robust local hardware (a print server), which can guarantee proper workload distribution and execution for a large number of users with varying rights. Other requirements include reliable cost billing and detailed reporting. All these functions need to be performed by hundreds of devices of different brands and sizes. That is why the main concern commonly is integrating a large fleet of devices with local infrastructure and managing it from one place.

The situation is different for small and medium-sized enterprises…

Print research pioneer Quocirca scouted out the landscape of the cloud print services market and came back with a “Cloud Print Services, 2021” report, featuring both MyQ X and MyQ Roger as good choices for the document-digitizing era.

The powerful answer to the remote work question

Cloud solutions have been around for a couple of years now. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many office workers to work remotely from their homes, they stood out as the perfect tool to deal with remote communication between people and their company’s internal systems and infrastructure. Companies are becoming aware of the vast potential of the cloud, which has led to the rise of hybrid (partly cloud, partly on-premise) and fully-cloud workplaces.

According to the Quocirca’s report, 82% of the questioned organizations (which consisted of 219 enterprises from the UK, France, Germany, and the US, which comprise 500 or more…

As part of the development of MyQ X 8.2, MyQ’s web interface for both users and IT admins was significantly improved to meet the complex standards of Web Content Accessibility guidelines.

There is a substantial number of users of information and communication technologies (ICT) with disabilities (visual, physical, cognitive…), for whom accessing the digital content might be somehow challenging. Web Accessibility is a tool for developing and designing technologies and websites in a way that makes sure everybody can use them and interact with them.

Web accessibility and WCAG

In order to make ICT accessible to everyone, the European Union adopted a European standard for digital accessibility EN 301 549, which follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and its application to EU public sector websites is required since September 2020.

Issued by the World…

MyQ X 8.2 is an essential new product version which answers modern-day challenges of working out-of-office, as well as growing demand for touchless MFP operation and equal opportunity for people with disabilities.

MyQ customers can look forward to web application accessibility compliant to BITV 2.1 (WCAG 2.1 AA), unprecedented flexibility in accounting and managing costs, secure remote printing thanks to a connector to Universal Print by Microsoft, an all-new MyQ X Mobile Client for completely touchless printing and much more.

Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Web accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities (visual, auditory, motor, cognitive) from quality interaction with websites. MyQ started working on the Accessibility project in July 2020, working towards a BITV certification which confirms that MyQ web interfaces for users and admins are fully accessible…

Paper is becoming obsolete and situations that ask for physical documents are more and more scarce. We’ve been getting used to automated processes, and that’s a good thing — it helps prevent human error.

Archives are moving away from carton to digital folders, although there will always be departments relying on printed documents. But one thing is having an official paper copy, and another is working with information contained in the document. This is where digitization comes into play — scanning and other processes which involve electronically transferred data. It is no longer necessary to manually re-type items from an invoice into the computer. We’ve been getting used to automated processes, and we don’t need to intervene manually nearly as often as before. That’s a good thing. …

MyQ has 4 different solutions for clients using Chrome OS after the end of Google Cloud Print, which are — just as the terminated service — completely free of charge.

What was Google Cloud Print, exactly?

In short, Google Cloud Print was a printing service introduced in 2010, and it served as a digital “connector” between cloud storage and on-site printing devices. It could also work as a printing server — as long as there was an computer running on-site connected to the printer and Chrome browser, users could access the printing device remotely. This way it also allowed for printing from older devices that wouldn’t be supported otherwise.

Google Cloud Print was originally introduced as a solution for Chromebooks running Chrome OS and Android devices to give them a tool for accessing printers. …

In the wake of the BLI 2021 Software Pick Award announced last November, which names MyQ X Enterprise Edition an “Outstanding Print Management Solution”, comes an extensive review confirming its unique value proposition.

Keypoint Intelligence has issued a detailed Solution Report, picking apart MyQ X Enterprise’s features and functions after having subjected the solution to months of heavy testing. The Report contains detailed information regarding MyQ X Enterprise’s performance in the following sections: Features & Productivity, Usability, IT Admin & Security, Support & Training and Value.

A quick summary of the review

The first and most extensive section, Features & Productivity, focuses on the most prominent…

MyQ Solution

Award-winning print management software featuring personalization, air-tight security and outstanding document workflows.

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